The Future of Money – Money as a Commons @ Helsinki 16th May 2013

Welcome for a discussion on money with Mary Mellor, Social Science Professor at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), who has a long-standing interest in the political economy, green and feminist economics, and has written the book The Future of Money (Pluto 2010).

The seminar The Future of Money – Money as a Commons will be held on Thursday 16.5.2013 at 16.00 in Mannerheim-sali, Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 A (5. floor), Helsinki.

Mary is a keynote guest of Pixelache Festival (, speaking at Camp Pixelache on Naissaar Island, Estonia, to a limited audience. Her presentation on the 16th in Helsinki is arranged for those based in Helsinki who cannot join that occasion.

Mary will be talking about money and taking back the economy. Is it by reforming the banking system? Financial inclusion? Abandoning money or reforming the monetary system? Mary Mellor will be starting off our discussion with a lecture, after which there is ample time for participatory discussion. And what about future money in terms of local currencies, timebanking; care work; and nature?

The event will be in English.

More about the book The Future of Money,


Organizers: Helsinki University Attac,, Pixelache, Stadin Aikapankki

For more information: Laura Hallikas, or Ruby van der Wekken,

Please note: Unfortunately the venue is not accesible by wheelchair. If you need help, please contact the organizers beforehand.

FB event page :


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