The Political Economy of the Commons @ Helsinki 25th May 2013

In the past two decades the commons has become a widely debated concept within various academic disciplines, such as environmental studies, social sciences, law and political economy. The commons has also become a central part of the vocabulary of contemporary social movements.

Seminar at the University of Helsinki on Saturday 25th May 2013

Department of Political and Economic Studies, Main Building, Room 3 (Fabianinkatu 33)

Download the program and abstracts as PDF.


09:30–09:45 The Political Economy of the Commons – Opening of the Seminar
Tero Toivanen & Taavi Sundell

09:45–10:00 Common Greetings from Peru (via Skype)
Prof. Teivo Teivainen with Peruvian colleagues

10:00–10:45 Keynote: The Political Economy and Political Phenomenology of Living with Fossil Fuels
Prof. Tere Vadén (

10:45–11:15 Beyond the Commons to Enclosure – Beyond Enclosure to the Heart of the Commons
Anthony McCann (

11:15–11:45 Understanding Cultural Commons
Sanna Marttila

11:45–12:15 Marx’s Theory on Value and Cognitive Capitalism
Paula Rauhala

12:15-13:00 Lunch

13:00–13:30 OSS 2.0 as a Microenclosure of Commons
Juho Lindman

13:30-14:00 Production, Decentralization and the Commons
Elina Turunen

14:00–14:30 Occupy life! Precarity, Basic Income and the Commons
Jukka Peltokoski

14:30–15:00 The Precarity of the Commons – Commons and Basic Income in the Age of Precarity
Mikko Jakonen

15:00- Ending Words for Fellow Commoners
Tero Toivanen

15:30 Get-together at Maailma kylässä festival in Kaisaniemi


The Seminar will be broadcasted live via Bambuser:

Download the program and abstracts as PDF


For more info please contact: Tero Toivanen,, p. +358 44 5331750

For the Call for Papers of the Seminar see:

Picture: Political Economy Now! The struggle for alternative economics at the University of Sydney

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