Commoners remixing in Totuusradio

Alain Ambrosi from Remix the commons collective discussing in Finnish autonomous radio program Totuusradio (”The Truth Radio”) on Monday, 9th June 2014, about the commons, cultural revolution, and revolution in culture.

The broadcast starts at 10 p.m. (UCT+2) in the evening and it is streamed online in internet in

Ambrosi is a designer and producer of intercultural projects, independant researcher, author and videographer. He is presently producer of the Remix the commons and associate researcher at Communautique.

Ambrosi arrives to Totuusradio straight from Pixelache Festival held in Helsinki during the weekend, and the latest news will be discussed.

Totuusradio is a Tampere based media project that is produced by an autonomous Totuusradio collective.

The music for the evening introduced by Dj Dirty Andy!

Plug in on Monday, 9th June at 10 p.m. (UCT+2) in

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