Support from The Free University of Finland


The Free University of Finland (Vapaa Yliopisto) would like to express its solidarity with De Nieuwe Universiteit, Occupy LSE, Occupy UAL and similar activities in universities throughout the world.

We support the demands for free and universally accessible education, the defence of workers’ rights, the fight for genuine university democracy, divestment and liberation.

Our movement emerged last November in Helsinki as a network of people (staff & students) from both within and beyond the old universities with very similar concerns as yours. We experiment with practices of sharing, debating, protesting, learning, studying and teaching together. Our intention is to offer a long-term base for critical thought, para-academic work, participative research and equal encounter.

It is utterly concerning that the current university business model encourages collaboration with corrupt regimes and corporations in the crisis-bound pursuit of economic profit without any ethical or academic considerations. The idea of university has been taken hostage by actors who couldn’t care less about knowledge and inquiry – but it can be claimed back.

There have been many comparable moments of co-optation and corruption in the history of universities. This is the one that comes in our time.

We also believe that it is our responsibility to explore the possibilities for another university so that the future generations will have a place to question, learn, and grow.

We fully support your demands. Furthermore, we suggest that all these emerging academic liberation movements unite and join their efforts.

We stand together with you.

Vapaa yliopisto / The Free University of Finland –

Helsinki, 25.03.2015

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