Discussion series: Another Financial system & Money for Finland

Want to strengthen new economy and solidarity economy building, and through this a furthering of our commons?

Welcome to this discussion series as part of a process calling together interested in discussing and promoting alternatives to our current money system!

The series wants to go over the different levels of the discussion as part of a whole, and we hope that opening a joint discussion between different actors, groups and initiatives, will strengthen joint learning, alternative building, as also political demand shaping.

The process started off with this invitation that we published earlier this autumn.

Welcome to join at any point of the process!

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Another Financial System & Money for Finland – Discussion series

(The agenda will be updated for further details.)

What is money? – Tuesday 10.11.2015, 18-20pm, LéSpace (Kuortaneenkatu 8)

Consequences of current money system and an overview of the discussion around alternatives.

with : Ville Iivarinen, Lauri Väisänen, Julia Müller, Tamas Matekovitz, Antti Ronkainen, Matthew Slater (skype), Ruby van der Wekken, …

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Report from the discussion

Redesigning the role of money – Tuesday 15.12.2015, 18-20pm, Lintulahdenkatu 10

Proposals regarding institutional money. In or out the Euro?

with : Patrizio Laine, Bruno Theret (skype), Marika Lohi, Antti Ronkainen, Jussi Ahokas, Ville Iivarinen, …

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Report from the discussion

Currency as a Commons – Wednesday 13.1.2016, 18-21pm, Lapinlahden sairala (auditorium)

Proposals of alternative complementary currencies taking back the economy. Parallel to banks and government agreements, these are collaborative credit systems, based on voluntary collaboration. They can be serving autonomous networks and solidarity economy building.

with : Pekko Koskinen, Marco Sachy (skype), Mikko Laamanen, Leander Bindewald (skype), Ruby van der Wekken, … and others still being confirmed

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Report from the discussion

Demonetization and communisation – Tuesday 9.2.2016, 18-20pm, Bokvillan (Hämeentie 125, 00560 Helsinki)

Short introduction and discussion on the concepts and practices of demonetization and communisation. Practical action groups introduce themselves, organize to develop their practices with people participating and based on these sessions there is a common discussion at the end. Themes: the technical and political use of digital mediations of sharing; food production and commune; communist journal väen väki; Jaetaan party; and other possible themes that come forward.

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Report from the discussion

Wrap up Session – Tuesday 15.3. 2016, 18-20pm, Viipurinkatu 8, Helsinki

Synthesis, joint statement building capturing on the previous discussions. Gathering of ongoing initiatives. Suggestions for next steps.

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Discussion series is organized by the Alternative Financial system & Money for Finland group that is open to join for all interested!

Contact: rubyvdwekken@gmail.com

FB group page


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