Invitation to join the map and network of Solidarity Economy in Finland

Let’s make another kind of economy visible. Join the solidarity economy map by answering a questionnaire (so far only in Finnish).

Those who are  interested can get involved in building and strengthening the solidarity economy network in Finland. During the fall of 2016 we are looking for interested people in doing interviews with the actors which are joining our solidarity economy map (see below). The aim is to advance cooperation between solidarity economy actors, among other things, and in this way to enlarge the space for another kind of economy.

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What is solidarity economy and what does the network do?

Solidarity economy consists of activities and processes that aim at a more just, equitable, sustainable, and democratic economy. It builds alternatives to mainstream economy and the pursuit for privatised profit. In practice, solidarity economy appears as time banks, exchange circles, volunteer work, social enterprises, eco-villages, cooperatives, subsistence farming, and much more. It is not important where the exact limits of solidarity economy lie but the emphasis in this process is on the diverse endeavours towards a better, more equal, and just economy.

The Finnish solidarity economy network has operated for a few years in making examples and visions of building alternative economies more visible. It strives to provide answers to the multiple problems of our time. The web of solidarity economy develops each day and all of us are actors in this web.

In the mapping, different actors working on alternative economy are brought together and made visible. Central idea is to show the democratic principles in practice. This means that the focus is on economic activities, that challenge profit-making, competition and consumerism and implement principles of justice, diversity, equality, democracy, sustainability, and autonomy.

The responses to the questionnaire will be used to gather a user-friendly online map as a part of the global TransforMap mapping process.

The information is gathered to OpenStreetMap that can be characterised as the Wikipedia of maps. The information can be used to different map applications and the Finnish actors on the map will thus become a part of a worldwide network. The mapping is meant to facilitate cooperation between actors and enable the expansion of good practices. The process started in the Finnish Social Forum in Helsinki in 2015 and is now moving forward. Join us!

The solidarity economy network would also want to work towards common political demands.


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