Solidarity Economy and the Nordic welfare of Finland

This essay is based on the master’s thesis I wrote last year, and it aims to investigate Solidarity Economy in a Nordic welfare model and open ground for future research. The master’s thesis, titled “Solidarity Economy in the context of the Nordic welfare state”, was published last September and is available on the website of … Jatka lukemista Solidarity Economy and the Nordic welfare of Finland

The right to see things as a Commons

(This writing was originally published in Peruste Lehti, 24.4.2018 (in Finnish)) We know there are tremendous global inequalities. However, less talked about, is that there is actually a coming together between actors in global North and South not only in empathy or in a quest for justice, but actually, despite very different conditions, in very … Jatka lukemista The right to see things as a Commons

Northern European Solidarity Economy Meeting

Let’s join our SE forces in the North! Northern European Solidarity Economy Meeting (NESEM) 21-22 April, Helsinki, Finland As the struggles about the commons and against an ecological catastrophe intensify, we are in the need for more joint networks based on solidarity, emancipatory learning and nondiscriminatory participation. Finland’s and the solidarity economy network together … Jatka lukemista Northern European Solidarity Economy Meeting

European Commons Assembly

by Sunna Kovanen & Ruby van der Wekken Spring 2016 a Berlin-based Commonsnetwork, among others, called some 30 practitioners and researchers of commons all over Europe to meet for the first time and to build European-wide cooperation. The meeting took place on May 2016 at an organic farm in Villarceaux, some 40km outside of Paris. … Jatka lukemista European Commons Assembly

Ethical and practical steps to community economies

Liisa Horelli, Aalto University. Liisa is working with the commoning of gendered urban planning within a network of female planners in Europe. Reframing the economy as a space for ethical action and decision-making is the compelling argument that J.K. Gibson-Graham and her team make at the beginning of their book Taking Back the Economy, an … Jatka lukemista Ethical and practical steps to community economies

Invitation to join the map and network of Solidarity Economy in Finland

Let’s make another kind of economy visible. Join the solidarity economy map by answering a questionnaire (so far only in Finnish). Those who are  interested can get involved in building and strengthening the solidarity economy network in Finland. During the fall of 2016 we are looking for interested people in doing interviews with the actors … Jatka lukemista Invitation to join the map and network of Solidarity Economy in Finland

Demonetization and communisation

Vaihtoehtoinen talousjärjestelmä ja raha  -keskustelusarjan kolmas osa käsitteli demonetisaatiota ja  kommunisaatiota. Tällä kertaa ei etsitty vaihtoehtoista rahaa vaan vaihtoehtoa rahalle. Tilaisuudessa jakaannuttiin lyhyen yleisen keskustelun jälkeen pohtimaan käytännön mahdollisuuksia tarkemmin neljässä pienryhmässä. Väen väki: kaiken kommonisaation kannoilla -julkaisu/alusta/arkisto esiteltiin lyhyesti. Luotiin katsaus sen keväällä alkavaan julkaisuohjelmaan sekä sen kommunismikäsitykseen kaiken kommunisaationa: uutena yhteiselle ja yhteisöille … Jatka lukemista Demonetization and communisation

Currency as a Commons

Another Financial system & Money for Finland Discussion series Report of the third discussion : Currency as a commons. The title of the event “Currency as a Commons” turned the focus of this evening to the different proposals taking back the (financial) economy. Parallel to banks and financial markets, these are collaborative credit systems, based … Jatka lukemista Currency as a Commons

Support from The Free University of Finland

STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FROM THE FREE UNIVERSITY OF FINLAND The Free University of Finland (Vapaa Yliopisto) would like to express its solidarity with De Nieuwe Universiteit, Occupy LSE, Occupy UAL and similar activities in universities throughout the world. We support the demands for free and universally accessible education, the defence of workers’ rights, the fight … Jatka lukemista Support from The Free University of Finland

Stadin aikapankki viisi vuotta!

Stadin aikapankki täyttää tänään viisi vuotta! On viisi vuotta siitä, kun kansainväliselle paikallisrahojen ja aikapankkien verkkotorille Community Exchange Systems (CES) kirjattiin ensimmäinen tulokas Suomesta. (English version below) Taustalla oli epäonnistunut Kööpenhaminan ilmastokokous, jonka lannistamana pieni ryhmä ystävyksiä ryhtyi puuhaamaan konkreettista ja paikallista vaihtoehtoa. Näin päätettiin perustaa Kumpulan vaihtopiiri, joka puolen vuoden jälkeen muutti nimensä Stadin … Jatka lukemista Stadin aikapankki viisi vuotta!

Community Currencies Under the Loop

The second Villarceaux Monetary Forum held in June 2014 invited discussions under the theme of  ”the challenge of scaling up” at Villarceaux bergerie, 27-29 June 2014. Wojtek Kalinowski (Veblen institute) explained the Veblen Institute as an organizing partner is interested in social and economic transition using social innovations, in the case of these meetings carrying … Jatka lukemista Community Currencies Under the Loop

Timebanking 2.0

Between 19-23.6.2013 The Second International Complementary Currency Conference took place in Hague, Holland. These five days (two academic days, one policy makers day, 2 practitioner days), presented a great opportunity to hear from around the world different experiences with regards to different complementary and community currencies (LETS, timebanks, regional currencies, Barter, Brixton pond, Bristol pound, … Jatka lukemista Timebanking 2.0