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Commons.fi & RIPESS at Pixelache “Local and Decentralised”

Commons.fi and visiting RIPESS European coordination team participated at the Pixelache2017 Local and Decentralised Festival. While Commons.fi already was to participate at the festival, the possibility of having the RIPESS team over was a great opportunity to share insights and strengthen the objectives of Commons.fi.


The first workshop Wednesday evening concerned mapping. The discussions revolved mainly around the question of mapping the commons: “why, what, how, and who?”. To begin with, Jason Nardi (RIPESS, Solidarius Italia) illustrated the historical roots of a global movement of solidarity economy in which mapping has been used to visualise various networks on international, regional and sectoral levels.

Jatka lukemista Commons.fi & RIPESS at Pixelache “Local and Decentralised”


Before the start of the UNIVERSSE2017 4th Solidarity economy congress in Athens (9-11 June 2017), The 6th General Assembly Meeting of the RIPESS Europe (Solidarity Economy Europe network) took place.


Commons.fi has for one year been a member of the network. During the meeting 5 new members joined the network from Bulgaria (Ideas Factory), Czech Republic (Ecumenic Academy of Prague), Greece (DOCK – Solidarity Economy Zone and Biocamp) and Portugal (RedPES).

As mentioned in RIPESS Activity Report 2016, Commons.fi has been involved in RIPESS’ strategy point of ”Convergences”, with regards to solidarity economy and commons strands. This refers in practice to the fact that Commons.fi members participated in the Solidarity economy and Commons policy co-writing as part of the European Commons Assembly process.

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