Helsinki timebank 10 years – A bank truly too big to fail 

Helsinki timebank (Stadin aikapankki) is celebrating 10 years of exchanging of services on the premise that everyone’s time, needs and work are of equal worth. Whilst its workings are significantly smaller today then they were in its heydays in 2013, its potential to support systemic change is as relevant as ever. Needed however are still … Jatka lukemista Helsinki timebank 10 years – A bank truly too big to fail 

Meidän Oma Maa (Our ‘Own Land’) : taking us towards something new

A pedagogical process on Ecology & Democracy Last year I have often been asked, how is Oma Maa doing? A question which as time went by, became only harder to answer in a nutshell. Oma Maa is-so-much. Therefore this new year’s attempt at a (unavoidably yet again partial) write up regarding this systemic change alternative. … Jatka lukemista Meidän Oma Maa (Our ‘Own Land’) : taking us towards something new

Bringing in the political process of Helsinki’s participatory budgeting

Helsinki city is starting a participatory budgeting process in November 2018, with a 4.4 million euro budget for the first year. Next week already the broad parameters of the on- and offline process will be approved of in Helsinki City Council. In short, there is an Ideation and Suggestions phase in November 2018, during which … Jatka lukemista Bringing in the political process of Helsinki’s participatory budgeting

Movements around systemic alternatives, for systemic change

This writing was originally published in Peruste Lehti, 25.6.2018 (in Finnish) The European Commons Assembly represents new movement building around the commons. However, rather then to look at this and other movements as standing alone, another perspective points to the actual complementarity of different envisionings for systemic change as the commons, degrowth, and feminism and … Jatka lukemista Movements around systemic alternatives, for systemic change

The right to see things as a Commons

(This writing was originally published in Peruste Lehti, 24.4.2018 (in Finnish)) We know there are tremendous global inequalities. However, less talked about, is that there is actually a coming together between actors in global North and South not only in empathy or in a quest for justice, but actually, despite very different conditions, in very … Jatka lukemista The right to see things as a Commons

Tervetuloa solidaarisuustalouden kansainväliseen tapaamiseen!

Tervetuloa ensimmäiseen pohjoiseurooppalaiseen solidaarisuustalouden toimijoiden tapaamiseen! NESEM, 21.-22.4. Helsinki, Finland Kamppailut yhteisvaurauden puolesta ja ekologista katastrofia vastaan käyvät kuumina ja tarvitsemme yhä kipeämmin yhteistoimintaa, jotka perustuvat solidaarisuudelle, yhteiselle oppimiselle ja syrjimättömälle osallistumiselle. Järjestämme nyt Helsingissä Suomen Sosiaalifoorumin yhteydessä ensimmäisen pohjoiseurooppalaisen solidaarisuustalouden toimijoiden tapaamisen (North European Solidarity Economy Meeting, NESEM), jonne on tulossa osallistujia Suomen lisäksi … Jatka lukemista Tervetuloa solidaarisuustalouden kansainväliseen tapaamiseen!, RIPESS, KSL @ SSF2018, RIPESS, KSL@SSF2018, 21-22.4.2018,  RIPESS Europe (Intercontinental network for the promotion of social solidarity economy) and Kansan Sivistystyön Liitto KSL ry are joining hands during the Finnish Social Forum 21.-22.4.2018 during different meetings and events. Throughout the weekend in April, the first Northern European Solidarity Economy  meeting (NESEM) will take place, and we are … Jatka lukemista, RIPESS, KSL @ SSF2018 & RIPESS at Pixelache “Local and Decentralised” and visiting RIPESS European coordination team participated at the Pixelache2017 Local and Decentralised Festival. While already was to participate at the festival, the possibility of having the RIPESS team over was a great opportunity to share insights and strengthen the objectives of The first workshop Wednesday evening concerned mapping. The discussions revolved … Jatka lukemista & RIPESS at Pixelache “Local and Decentralised”


Before the start of the UNIVERSSE2017 4th Solidarity economy congress in Athens (9-11 June 2017), The 6th General Assembly Meeting of the RIPESS Europe (Solidarity Economy Europe network) took place. has for one year been a member of the network. During the meeting 5 new members joined the network from Bulgaria (Ideas Factory), Czech … Jatka lukemista UNIVERSSE2017

European Commons Assembly

by Sunna Kovanen & Ruby van der Wekken Spring 2016 a Berlin-based Commonsnetwork, among others, called some 30 practitioners and researchers of commons all over Europe to meet for the first time and to build European-wide cooperation. The meeting took place on May 2016 at an organic farm in Villarceaux, some 40km outside of Paris. … Jatka lukemista European Commons Assembly

Kutsu haastattelelemaan Suomen solidaarisuustalouden toimijoita

***in english below*** Solidaarisuustalouden verkosto etsii vapaaehtoisia haastattelijoita keräämään tietoa solidaarisuustalouden kartalle liittyneistä toimijoista,  ja kirjoittamaan pieniä juttuja haastattelujen pohjalta verkkosivuillemme. Haastattelujen tarkoitus on vahvistaa itseymmärrystämme solidaarisuustaloudesta, tiivistää kartalla olevia toimijoiden yhteistyötä ja kerätä tietoa myöhempää käyttöä varten erityisesti siitä, minkälaisissa poliittissa prosesseissa verkosto voisi olla avuksi. Haastatteluja sekä kartalle kutsumista varten on olemassa valmiit … Jatka lukemista Kutsu haastattelelemaan Suomen solidaarisuustalouden toimijoita