, RIPESS, KSL @ SSF2018, RIPESS, KSL@SSF2018, 21-22.4.2018,  RIPESS Europe (Intercontinental network for the promotion of social solidarity economy) and Kansan Sivistystyön Liitto KSL ry are joining hands during the Finnish Social Forum 21.-22.4.2018 during different meetings and events.

Throughout the weekend in April, the first Northern European Solidarity Economy  meeting (NESEM) will take place, and we are looking forward to bringing a number of solidarity economy actors from Russia, Latvia and Norway to Helsinki, alongside a few representatives of the RIPESS Europe coordination team. Objective of the meeting is to share experiences as well as initiate cooperation in the area of other economy building. The program will consist of internal meetings as well as the taking part in public events at the Finnish Social Forum. At the Forum, we have the pleasure to have with us a representative of Cooperation Jackson (Mississippi, US). During the events we will be exploring the wave of municipalism inspiring us from different parts in Europe, looking at the way we organise our efforts towards other economy building, hear from the experiences of Cooperation Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi, as also looking at the role of complementary currencies.

We would like to warmly welcome all interested Finnish other economy actors to join the meetings both on and off the forum! If you are interested in joining the NESEM meetings, please send word to (for those coming from outside of Helsinki, some small travel support possible).

Events at the Finnish Social Forum :

La klo 12-13.30, juhlasali, What Economy?
Together with Solidarity economy actors from different countries in Europe and the US,  we will be having a participatory discussion around other economy building: How do we profile ourselves?  What are our coalitions? What structures for organising have we developed and how do we lobby and state our demands?
With among other: Olga Polyakova / Russia, Zanda Skuja / Green Liberty, Latvia, Ekaterina Shivrina / Russia, Denis Stark / Russia, Jason Nardi/Solidarius Italy, Marcis Rubenis/Free Riga, Brandon King / Cooperation Jackson
Moderated discussion, Laura Kumpuniemi and Ruby van der Wekken (
Organizers:, RIPESS Europe

La klo 14-15.30 luokassa 31, Paikallisvaluutoilla osallistavaa taloutta ja demokratiaa?
In this discussion different actors share experiences with regards to their advocacy/activities on the place and role of complementary currencies in society and its structures.
Sysmän paikallisvaluutta: Juri Nieminen, Kuntavelho Oy
Helsinki Timebank: Ruby van der Wekken
Arvotakomo: Kristiina Ullgrén and Jenni Huttunen
Organizers: Talousdemokratia,

La klo 16.-17.30, juhlasali, Cooperation Jackson
Cooperation Jackson is a radical cooperative network based in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. It is a living alternative built on principles of equity, cooperation, worker democracy, and environmental sustainability. Their member Brandon King will be giving a talk on the Cooperation Jackson experience, the social and solidarity economy in the USA, and on their vision about the meaning and possibilities for worker owned, democratically self-managed enterprises. Cooperation Jackson draws from the long history of struggle in Mississippi, particularly within the African community, for self-determination, economic justice and democratic rights. Brandon’s talk will be followed by a participatory discussion.
Moderated discussion after Brandon’s talk, Tuomo Alhojärvi and Ruby van der Wekken (
Organizers: Kansan Sivistystyön Liitto KSL ry and Kuluttajaosuustoiminnan Säätiö.

Su klo 11-12.30, juhlasali, Towards a Nordic Municipalism?
A wave of municipalism is going around in Europe. Why have regionality, cities and municipalities become a focus in different places in Southern Europe (and elsewhere)? What has happened in the economy and in society for this to happen? What are the characteristics of these movements and what do they have to offer to Nordic social movements?
– Jason Nardi (Solidarius Italia) ”Municipalist experiences in Italy”
– Brandon King (Cooperation Jackson)
– Svante Malmström (TRISE ) “Why the City? – Democracy, Politics and Municipalism now and then”
– Emilia Palonen, HY and Maunula-talon neuvottelukunta
Moderated discussion, Jukka Peltokoski (KSL)
Organizers :, RIPESS Europe, KSL


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