Northern European Solidarity Economy Meeting

Let’s join our SE forces in the North!

Northern European Solidarity Economy Meeting (NESEM)

21-22 April, Helsinki, Finland

As the struggles about the commons and against an ecological catastrophe intensify, we are in the need for more joint networks based on solidarity, emancipatory learning and nondiscriminatory participation.

Finland’s and the solidarity economy network together with RIPESS Europe (Intercontinental network for the promotion of social solidarity economy) invite activists, defenders of the commons, grassroots organisations and networks to come and join a Northern solidarity economy network meeting to initiate cooperation in the field of commons, grassroots and solidarity action around bottom-up, grassroots economies, common strategies to advocate for another economy.

What to expect (draft programme at the end):

  • Inspiring ideas
  • Great people
  • Discovering experiences from other places
  • Interacting about efforts in Finland on advocating the envisioning of SE and the Commons
  • A possibility to try a lovely sauna and locally sourced food
  • Planning a future for a network (as a part of RIPESS Europe)

During the weekend, we will organise an event at the Finnish Social Forum, networking meetings and thematic session(s) around solidarity economy and the commons.

Let’s create a network of solidarity economy actors in the North of Europe! It all starts with us. Therefore, we are looking for the people and organisations that are committed to taking steps towards a better, more equal economy and society, protecting the commons and sharing their knowledge in a collective process.

As a host collective having limited resources, we are not able to host a big group of people, so please send an introduction of yourself to[at] We will be in touch with you soon to let you know more about the details and the support that is available for participation.

If you have a background organisation that can support your participation financially or if you are able to cover the costs of your own trip, please, mention this, so we might me able to host more people. There is an option for solidarity accommodation for some of the attendees.

The working language of the weekend is going to be English. If you have special needs or requirements that we should take into account, please let us know.

Another Economy is Here and Possible!

Friday 20 April
Arrivals in the evening
Accommodation in solidarity accommodation or in hotel
Dinner (RIPESS)

Saturday 21 April
09:30-12:30 Opening session: getting to know each other and sharing expectations (Globaalikeskus, Siltasaarenkatu 4)
12:30-13:45 Lunch at own cost and moving to the Finnish Social Forum (FSF, Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3)
14:00-15:30 Paikallisvaluutoilla osallistavaa taloutta ja demokratiaa? (In Finnish, FSF)
16:00-17:30 Cooperation Jackson (FSF)
17:30 End of the day programme at the Social Forum and moving to Oma Maa food coop space
18:30-21:00 Networking, sharing experiences etc. + dinner (Oma Maa food cooperative cafe, Kaarlenkatu 15)
21:00 Possibility to join the Social Forum Party at Mascot Bar & Stage (Neljäs linja)

Sunday 22 April
10:30 Meeting at the Finnish Social Forum
11:00-12:30 Towards a Nordic Municipalism (FSF)

13:00-14:30 What Economy? (FSF) – discussion with Solidarity economy actors from different countries in Europe and the US
14:30-15:30 Lunch at FSF or elsewhere at own cost
15:30-17:00 Final NESEM session (FSF, classroom 23)
17:00 End of the Social Forum and NESEM



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