What is Commons.fi?

Commons.fi brings together people and organisations of all kinds interested in the commons.

It seeks, spreads information and provides a forum for people furthering the commons and commoning – including those engaged in solidarity economy building, developing co-ops, working with alternative currencies, ethical finance, collective gardening, protecting commons resources (like water, air or land), environmental activism, developing new forms of legal frameworks for the commons (e.g. the Creative Commons licences) and forms of commoning in culture and art.

Commons.fi is also a partner in the European Commons Assembly, an international network and campaing for commoning in society and politics, and aims to support similar Assemblies in Finland and the Gulf of Finland region

  • We map and interview solidarity economy actors in Finland such as cooperatives, CSA’s and associations and we build a Solidarity Economy Network based on the map.
  • Aim is to influence on politics and society nationally and internationally as a part of the European Commons Assembly

Interested? Follow our upcoming events and join in!

  • Join the facebook- group
  • Write to us and join the Commons.fi e-list: commons.fi [at] gmail.com
  • Write to join our working space on Loomio : commons.fi [at] gmail.com
  • If you want to talk, you can call Sunna Kovanen (044-2776412) or Ruby van der Wekken (050-4362171)

What is the commons & what is commoning, solidarity economy building or a ”commons assembly”?

Commons and the commoning around them refers to different kinds of common resources and their co-producing forms. These can be forexample open and free programs, open data and knowledge, P2P networks, naturalresources, cooperatives, CSA’s, occupied spaces and roads, street art and so much more. Commons distinguish themselves both from private as well as public ownership.

Solidarity economy comes forth out of Latin America societal struggles to build an alternative economy. A solidarity economy is being built by cooperation and wants to further democratic, ecological and ethical economic modes of cooperation beyond national and state economies.

Commons are an important part of a solidarity economy. In fact, the development of solidarity economy – the increased cooperation between actors and through this the development of new practices – can be seen as a furthering of commons and the commoning around them. The upholding and futhering of commons by the actors and producers of solidarity economy gives commons their solidarity values.

Our Commons Assembly is sistering to the European Commons Assembly space and process, which aims at exchanging experiences on initiatives  commons based economy and the development and promotion of necessary policies.


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